How Learning Visual Communication Made All The Difference In My Life – My Very Own Product Visualisation Company

Sketching is my passion. It was easy for my mother to make me sit with a notebook to draw rather study. During my school days, I have always taken the time to work on my drawings. Gradually my interest shifted to handmade greeting cards to buddies. I had chosen visual communication with closed eyes as my major in college. My interest started with creating posters for my college symposium. Impressed, one of the staff members (my mentor) helped me learn 3d visualisation software right after my first year into college. It helped me make brochures for my dad’s business; create my very own blog design, catalogs for my college and even many presentations during my project days.  My project mentor helped me realize my dream by giving me the first order to re-design his house. That seed sown has blossomed into the company, 5 years old today. Every customer’s satisfied smile makes me proficient in understanding my client better.